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Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services in Miami-Dade & Broward Counties

High Rise Window Cleaning

High Rise is a full service High Rise Window Cleaning with extensively trained technicians that possess a vast knowledge of High Rise Window Cleaning processes, procedures and safety protocols.

High Rise technicians are certified experts in single rope drops, aerial lifts and building anchor points.

Window Leaders  provide a superior high rise window cleaning process that cleans your windows with a wash-wax formula, leaving them exceptionally clean and protected from the elements, the wash & wax formula leaves an invisible shield on the windows that will repel dust, dirt, pollen and ensures your windows will stay cleaner longer than any standard window cleaning solution.

Today’s glass is more prone to spots. A proper explanation of what causes these spots and what is required to remove them will hopefully alleviate any unrealistic expectations.

These spots vary in severity and are classified as:

  • Level 1 –

    • Mild to moderate spotting from Acid Rain and/or Hard Water. These spots can likely be removed with glass restoration process-using, using chemical products to remove the spots.

  • Level 2 –

    • Severe spots from Hard Water and/or Acid Rain/ Screen Staining

    • These spots can possibly be removed by glass. Restoration process using chemical products to remove the spots. Then we will seal the glass with a safety sealer.

  • Level 3 -

    • Permanent spots and staining. The only option is to replace the glass.*

           *If spots are removed before it gets to Category 3 you can possibly prevent glass                replacement.

Window Leaders can help you to avoid these costly replacement if Allowing Window Leaders to regularly clean your new or properly restored glass, ensures your windows will remain clean and spot-free.

Window Leaders is fully insured, bonded and carries workers compensation on every service technician.
Let Window Leaders show you why we are the industry leaders in high rise window cleaning in South Florida.

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